Vegan Lifestyle!

It is fairly known what this involves, if we talk about food: no meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey. A bit less it is know about the fact that vegan do not wear leather, wool, silk, etc. Far less is known about the fact that being properly vegan involves also doing a bit of research on the things you can find at the supermarket: not buying some brands because they are known to be testing products on animals or exploiting lands, people and animals to get determined ingredients (see palm oil).

So you don’t live at all!


You can live very well even without shopping some brands, don’t worry. When you look into things, you’ll see that there is a lot of choice and you can choose not to give your money to these nasty brands. I have been doing this for years and other people are doing it from longer that me. Trying to shop locally enables to see where the products you want to buy come from and it supports small businesses. I know that even better would be having the chance of growing your own fruits and veggies. However this is something that I still have to try and is on my to do list.

Anyway, go vegan!

After this, I’ll just leave here the picture of one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had, a piece of chocolate cake and cappuccino with almond milk from Picnic in Glasgow.IMG_20170223_091811