My Tomato And Turmeric Soup

Hello peeps! Today I would like to share something that has helped me for almost 7 years when suffering from chest infections and bronchitis: the tomato and turmeric soup. I hinted in another post that that’s my remedy for this kind of illness, although it hasn’t worked for the Covid symptoms.

Now, I must say that this is not really a recipe of my own, but first of all, despite good research online I haven’t been able to find the original recipe again, and secondly, it is almost 7 years that I’ve been making it and I would say that it is become kind of my recipe, at least the one I am going to write about.


One of the ailments that affected me since I was a child, was chest infections: when I was younger, I suffered these a lot, I got bronchitis so many times (sometimes twice a year) and I also got pneumonia twice (not that it’s something I’m proud of)! But it’s to give you a picture of my health. And obviously, each time meant taking loads of antibiotics. Obviously, when you are young, you just want to get rid of the illness, so you take whatever they can give you, so I took so many medicines.


When I moved to the U.K., roughly 7 years ago, I obviously caught a chest infection. That time I went to the GP and took the antibiotics. However, I started developing the idea that there might be something else to help with chest infection problems. I started looking for information online using keywords such as “natural remedies chest infection”: this research conducted to several of the usual websites when you’re looking for medical assistance, such as WebMD and HealthLine, all of them giving the same remedies such as hot water and tea. [The best result I found is this one – Turmeric Tomato Detox Soup: however, it is not the “original recipe” and I haven’t tried it, so if you decide to make this recipe please let me know!] But then at some point, I found a page on another website providing the recipe of a tomato and turmeric soup perfect for chest infections, giving also all the specifics of how every single ingredient and their measurements worked its magic. The turmeric/black pepper ratio has to be 3:1 in order for them to activate in the right way. With the following recipe, I have been trying to keep those ingredients and measurements.

Since then, I have never had to get chemical antibodies again (and hopefully, it will stay that way!) and I get rid of the infection in 3-4 days.

Before proceeding, I have to say that I decided to share this recipe because is something that has always worked for me and never needed other drugs, but always consider to seek advice from a doctor if you are unsure.

The Recipe

The best way for this recipe to be effective is to use fresh tomatoes, however, tinned tomatoes can also be effective: I’ve made it a couple of times this way because I was out of fresh tomatoes and in no condition of going out to buy them so I used what I had.

Ingredients for two soups:

  • 5-7 big vine tomatoes, chopped;
  • 3 red onions, chopped;
  • 5 garlic cloves, minced;
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil;
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric powder;
  • 1/3 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper


In a pot, heat the olive oil and when hot add the garlic and fry for 30 seconds, then add the onions and cover to let cook until soft. At this point add the tomatoes and cover again for 3 minutes, until the tomatoes have released some juice.

Now add the turmeric and black pepper and give a stir to mix everything. Turn the heat off, cover and let cool off for a few minutes.

Finally, blend everything.

Serve hot.

Note: If you make this for your dinner, be prepared to sweat. A lot. This is great because the concoction is working.

I hope you won’t ever need to make this soup, but if you find yourself afflicted by bronchitis or chest infection and you make this recipe, let me know how it goes for you!

Speak soon!



I Got Covid, Here Are Some Reflections

Square image with dark purple background, 2 triangles at the top corners in light blue and dark blue with corresponding copies at the opposite, bottom corners. AT the centre, the text "I Got Covid, Here Are Some Reflections" in light orange/cream.

Hello, my beautiful kittens! I hope everything is well with you as we’re already a few weeks into spring, the birds are singing and the flowers are blossoming. New season, new projects,

Well, for me, Spring brought with it my usual S.A.D. as well as Covid. Yes, I got the 21st-century plague, hence why I haven’t been here for the past weeks. But I am back now! So this is just a wee post to share my experience with Covid.

It all started…

Halfway through March, one night I started to feel quite feverish, but I attributed that to the cold weather. However, the next day I felt worse and a chesty cough started to develop: a lateral flow test confirmed my fear of having contracted Covid. We’ve been open for months now, and everybody seems to have been okay, without contracting Covid. But a few months ago (when the Omicron variant came around) one of my colleagues contracted Covid. After maybe a month, other colleagues started talking about people closer and closer to them, who got Covid. And then in March, one other colleague whose mother seemed to have contracted Covid and got confirmation of it: and they had it too. At that point, another colleague and me, both resulted positive.

How it went

Oooft, I spent a week feeling like s***: the fever lasted 3 days, with a temperature around 38 degrees Celsius while I couldn’t get rid of the cough for almost three weeks. The whole time, I was feeling exhausted, gravitating from the bed to the couch, with the occasional trip to the kitchen. My main thoughts were to feel better and to care for my cat. All the rest came second.

A note on the cough: usually I get rid of a chesty cough in around three-four days thanks mainly to my Tomato and Turmeric Soup (will write the recipe soon as it is the best natural drug against this kind of cough!), but it didn’t work in this case, obviously because the Covid virus is different from the usual chest infection/bronchitis. Really, if you catch “The Virus” the best course of action is to rest, let the illness run its course. And while I am very lucky because I have a job and they consider 10 days of Covid as a special paid illness that won’t affect the total of your sick days, I was thinking of all those people that don’t have a job as well those that can’t afford to take sick days (i.e. United States of America).

Some Reflections

I am very lucky because I have a job and they consider 10 days of Covid as a special paid illness that won’t affect the total of your sick days, but I was thinking about how this illness can affect other people, those that don’t have a job as well those that can’t afford to take sick days (i.e. United States of America) but have to stay home. Now, you would probably think “didn’t you already understand all this as it’s 2 years that we’re in a global pandemic situation?!”. And yes, obviously I thought of it, of all the people that ended up in ICT units in hospitals all over the world; of all the people who died; of all those who’ve seen their loved ones die and not be able to be there for their last goodbyes. Yes, I thought about all this. But it is different actually living the situation.

I was sick and isolated (now, the solitude is a condition I don’t mind at all, but many other people do need social interactions and this can be affecting their mental health, which doesn’t make recovery an easy process) and I wasn’t able to do anything in my flat as I didn’t have energy so the plates started piling up and the washing was scattered on the bathroom floor. As I was saying, the main focus was to heal from this bloody disease, so I spent the little stamina I had to boil the kettle (for teas and infusions of cloves and red pepper with a splash of apple cider vinegar), prepare quick, healthy food (mostly soups, mashed potatoes, etc.) and make fresh orange juice. And give food to the cat and clean her litter.

But the exhaustion that Covid brought with it has probably been the worst part. I could feel that the cough was going away, painfully slowly, but it was going away, and after 3 weeks I was almost cough-free. The tiredness, however, was another thing: getting up from bed was very difficult, but I knew I had to move at least to the sofa. Going to the kitchen and cooking something wan an even bigger task. In the past weeks, there was also mental tiredness: it was very difficult to even find a bit of focus to read as well as watch things (I have been re-watching some old shows, so that I didn’t have to trouble my brain to understand new things).

It took me four weeks to go back to a better level of energy. And I live by myself and am fairly healthy. But what about those single parents? And those with disabilities? Or the elderly.

While for some aspects and in some people, Covid might be similar to a bad cold or flu, the post-illness won’t go away for a few weeks. My colleagues and I, have exchanged our experiences and all of us felt shattered well after the cough had gone. It’s like it is taking something from you like it takes directly from the source of your energy to feed and then leaves and it leaves you almost energetically empty. I’ll be cheesy here and will say that from my experience, it left me almost empty of all kinds of energy, from physical to spiritual and mental.

To give you an idea, my usual day starts with waking up and doing between 30-45 minutes of yoga, having a light breakfast, going to work and for a walk after that, then coming back home to do some research for here. None of these things happened for almost the whole four weeks of recovery. Last week, I started doing some very gentle yin yoga in the morning for no more than 10minutes; I do as much as I can at work but without straining myself; there is no walk except for the walking from home to work and back; I’ve been doing some light researching and this is the very first time I’m managing the concentration to write one post.

In conclusion

Why am I writing this post? Because I think it’s good to share experiences. Because I don’t care if this is a natural disease or if it has been created in a lab (either or the fault resides in the greed of man, in the first case because it means man went where he wasn’t supposed to go, destroyed precious Nature and discovered a new disease, while in the latter, well, that’s obvious). Now this disease is around and we have to deal with it.

So, if you had it and you feel like you’re the only one out there being without energy in the aftermath of Covid, I hope this will make you feel less alone. If you haven’t had it, I hope this will give you some hope that if you’d get it, it would be okay.

Sending love and positive vibes,