Dedicated To September

Hello cuties, how is everything with you? Here we can feel the transition from summer to autumn and I love it! Especially today, it was sunny and the air was cold and crisp: perfect! And this brings me to this post which I am dedicating to September.

September is a special month for me. It actually has always been a special time of the year and I was thinking about this one day while meditating after a short yoga session.

When I was a child, while September had the nostalgic taste of the end of summer (where I would be spending a lot of time with my parents) with returning to school (with all the relative issues of having to deal with bullies, etc.), it also had the excitement of there being 4 birthdays in this month: my dad’s, mine, my mom’s and my grandad’s. Plus it was the month of my parents’ wedding anniversary. I mean, basically a whole month of celebrations, what’s not to like? We would celebrate each individual birthday, spending it together. The, from when I was 8 years old for the next 10 years, my mom, dad and me, we used to go for a short city break to a European country. It all started when I was turning 8, going to the main train station nearby and picking the next train going abroad: my parents would book a last minute ticket for the three of us and we would spend the next 3 to 5 days away and we would eat one traditional dessert of the place we visited. The first city was Paris.

September is also the month I left home to move to a different country. At the end of the summer 2015 I decided that I needed to change my life and on the 3rd of September I left home with just a backpack. It has been one of the best decisions I ever made: I had many different experiences, learned a lot and grew up (especially mentally and spiritually). I am a place that I love, doing a job that makes me feel great about myself and proud of what I do. I feel a much closer connection to the community I live in. I believe I am experiencing happiness as well as a calm that I rarely experienced before. Obviously, I think sometimes of what my life would be now if I never left home and I would see more of my parents, which is something I miss. But with every decision you’ll always have pros and cons, so I take it this way.

The other great event that happened in September, was I got my current job. I studied to get the degree that would have enabled me to get a job in libraries and worked my way up, from library assistant to librarian. Thanks to other decisions that I had to make and then led to this job, which I truly love and am passionate about.

And another positive thing, I finally moved to a lovely flat, clean, with a garden and allowed pets (and three months later I adopted my cat!).

So, here it is why September is the most special month for me.

I hope that you have good times in September!



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