Delicious vegan spinach and cheese pouches (vegan gozleme)

These spinach and cheese gozleme are just great for a light but tasty dinner or for an afternoon snack. I am following the recipe by the Lazy Cat Kitchen and I have now made them three times, each time better than the other!

This is a recipe that I like to make usually on a Saturday night when I feel like wanting something tasty, but that wouldn’t take as long as making a pizza (from scratch). They are an easy recipe that can be made also after work because it takes less than an hour between prep and cooking time (30 minutes being the resting time for the dough).

I have tried both with homemade feta, like from Ania’s recipe and with store-bought cheese (Violife): both ways will leave your tastebuds extremely satisfied. However, I never used the soy yoghurt (simply because I never keep yoghurt in the fridge and I should think ahead of making these to remember buying it, which I can’t be bothered doing given the level of laziness that my mind can reach).

Just make them, you’ll thank me later.


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