More on Non-Vegan Companies

As I was saying in this post, a lot of companies producing plant-based products are actually non-vegan.

There is obviously no judgement if you are buying such products, especially without knowing this information. And you might also have a conception of veganism where you consider these products as vegan.

However, remember that these companies are not vegan, their policies are as far away as possible from the vegan philosophy: it is not only the fact that they use ingredients from animals, they are also responsible for deforestation (you might also want to check this website and this one) and they have been found using questionable working standards (you can read more here about some of the most recent Unilever controversies, herehere, and here; examples from another big company – Coca Cola – are this and thisthis and this). Again, I am not saying don’t buy from them, but now you know a little bit of what these big companies do and I hope I can give you the tools to make conscious buying decisions.

If you recall, in this post I told you how the great majority of these big companies are related to Monsanto and how Monsanto tests on animals. I would also like to add that it also has many controversies around the world because many of its chemical products are deemed unsafe to use or have been found to have long-term side effects on people and the land (I’ll leave you this articlethis and this, but please let me know if you would like me to found some more articles on the topic).

I’ll leave you with this very useful pie of all the brands connected to these big companies (source: World Politics News

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