A Catch-Up (a.k.a. What happened since my last post)

It is almost three months that I haven’t published anything here *horrified face emoji*: I did start the research for a couple of posts, but we all know that life happens, I have a full-time job that for almost 2 months required some of my personal time which translated in not being able to dedicate much attention to this blog. And honestly, retrospectively, that wasn’t even necessary: it is just my weirdly wired brain that wants to finish something once it is started, especially if it is work-related. Trying to look at it in a positive way, although the extra time I spent on that project for work wasn’t really necessary, I learned some new skills (i.e. editing videos) and also enjoyed exploring a bit more with my creativity in the graphic design area (I am not a creative person, but as they say “practice makes perfect” and -very- little by little I feel more confident in my graphic design creations).

Anyway, during these three months, I finished the Reading Challenge: I thought (a bit cockily) that it would have been a challenge on the easy side, but I managed the 5 books plus an extra one just in time for the end of the 10th week. It probably would have been a bit easier if it weren’t for work taking more time than expected, but still, I am very happy with having finished the challenge. I will update that post with the books I have read 🙂

Another thing that happened during this time, was that I took part in a Women’s Circle. For those of you who don’t know it, a Women’s Circle is a physical or virtual space where a group of women meet and share thoughts and experiences, without judgement. It would usually be done in a physical space (i.e. studio or park), but because of guidelines and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all met via GoogleMeet. The Circle in which I took part, was organised and lead by La Noce Cosmica, an educator who specialised in the menstrual circle and expert of feminine and masculine cyclicalities (but I’ll have the honour of having a guest post by the same where she will explain everything much better than me, so stay tuned for that!). The experience has been intense, uplifting and regenerating. I didn’t know what to expect because this was my first Women’s Circle, but you could feel the energy coming from the virtual space, the connection to the other women and the liberating freedom of talking without prejudices about personal and intimate experiences like your menstrual circle, was leaving me revived after the Circle. The topics covered were not only about menstruation, but an umbrella of related matters, from birthing to the relation with our mothers and all that is female. But enough about this! We will have the founder of La Noce Cosmica, Anna, as a guest blogger where she’ll explain what she does, why participating in a Women’s Circle and also about the process of the Limpia.

And this is the next thing I have done in this time, also connected to the Women’s Circle. It came out during one of the meetings, La Limpia is a kind of purifying diet, where for 50 days it requires drinking some herbs in the morning and excluding all the processed foods in order to detoxify all your body and the menstrual blood. The aim to have clean menstrual blood (without considering the already beneficial effects of abstaining from eating processed food) is because, after that time, it will be possible to collect it and make a tincture out of it. However, in order to collect the blood, you have to keep avoiding the same food for the 50 days until you get to the second circle after you finished the 50 days. Why collecting your menstrual blood? I find it that it is a very good way to be more in touch with your own body and what it produces and that’s what was very appealing to me. There are a lot of women that can be easily put off by body-related stuff, especially their blood, and maybe this could be something that could intrigue them and perhaps such a ritual could make them a bit more at ease and in sync with themselves. From my side, I can tell you that I have enjoyed the detox process, although I haven’t got to the collection of the menstrual blood because while I finished the 50 days, I had to attend a wedding back in my home country which meant spending time with my parents and being fed some absolutely delicious food that was not part of the diet and it would have defeated the purpose of the blood collection. However, this is something that I will do in October as Spring and Autumn are the best periods to do this thing. But, again, this is a topic better explained by Anna, so I’ll leave it to her.

Apart from all this, I have been recharging from work, reading more (but also re-watching some comedies on Netflix because you know the sense of comfrot that it gives you watching something that you already know), doing my daily yoga practice, experimenting with some vegan-macrobiotic recipes and cuddling my cat. Two new posts are already in the oven, so be ready to read all about it!

Bye for now and always, Go Vegan 🙂

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