Recipe Sunday – Scalloped Potatoes

We’re back with Recipe Sunday! Since this is the first Sunday of December and it is getting colder here in the U.K., I believe we all need some hearty comfort food and these Scalloped Potatoes by Elavegan are doing just the trick.

I made them recently and thought of sharing their deliciousness with you.

As always, since I am usually looking for recipes that can be made with few ingredients and don’t require enormous amounts of time, this falls in all the right categories for me: an easy and quick vegan comfort food that will brighten up your dinner/lunch.

With the ingredients basically being potatoes (duh), cashews, small onion, 3-4 garlic cloves, bit of spices, tapioca flour and the longest part of the process is peeling and slicing the potatoes, this has the bonus point of being a perfect recipe for beginners.

So, without further ado, the recipe: Elavegan’s Scalloped Potatoes!

I hope you’ll enjoy this dish as much as I have.

Happy Sunday and happy (vegan) munching!


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